Books & CDs

I have self published four chap books over the last seven years, Exhale to December, New Dream, The Morning Glories and Free. Currently, I am working with composer Mitch Renaud  (of St. Lawrence Reading fame) to resurrect The Morning Glories as a spoken word symphony of sorts. Hopefully we will have some sort of recording available within the next twelve months. My next poetry collection, The Cartographer’s Skin, will be coming out on May 20 2010 (Piquant Press). Everyone who reads this is welcome to the launch. No details yet, but I can promise you a fantastic night; lots of incredible poets to fill the room, big joy, food and music, likely, to round everything out.

Makes all those hours of solo writing more than count.



One response to “Books & CDs

  1. Hello Lara,

    I’m so shocked and amazed on your work. I accidentally found this website.

    Good luck and best wishes.

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