About Lara Bozabalian

Lara Bozabalian’s poetry and prose have been published in journals, magazines and newspapers, as well as in two literary anthologies. She is the author of four chapbooks, Exhale to December, The Morning Glories, New Dream and Free, and her first full length collection, The Cartographer’s Skin, will be published by Piquant Press in May 2010. She has featured regularly at reading series around Ontario, including the Art Bar, Harbourfront, Ryerson University, the Luminato New Waves Festival, Eden Mills Writers Festival and the Words Aloud Festival.

As a member of the Toronto Poetry Slam Team, Lara represented Toronto at last years American National Poetry Slam and the 2009 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. She also competed at the 2008 Individual World Poetry Slam and at the 2009 Women of the World Poetry Slam. As Head of English at a public high school, Lara founded and runs a spoken word festival for high school students across York Region, and is a founding member of Toronto Poetry Project, a collective dedicated to fostering social change and creative writing opportunities for youth.

9 responses to “About Lara Bozabalian

  1. Laura — are you involved in high schools at all. I am a teacher in a secondary school and I have kids interested in Slam peotry but do not know where to find anything. Could you help us with any info or contacts??

    They are quite good and should be heard.

    • Hi Dave,

      I am a Department Head (English) and have been doing educational workshops for teachers and Writers Guilds around Toronto for the last few years. I currently run a board wide spoken word festival for teachers and students in the YRDSB. What area are you teaching in?

  2. Hey LAra

    Great work at the festival.
    Please email to stay in touch,
    and dont forget to apply
    Islands Folk Festival

    Cheers, Bill

    • Hey Bill,

      Thank you! I will definitely stay in touch! I will be featuring at the Vancouver Youth Slam sometime this summer, so I will let you know details asap..!

      Best, Lara

  3. Hi Lara; just wanted to say hi. It’s been forever, but stumbled across your site. (in case you don’t recognize the name, our mums are friends and we used to hang out when we were little) Want to congratulate you! Maybe catch one of your slams while I’m in T.O from Berlin for xmas. Dig your poetry.

    • Debra,

      Of course I remember you!! Wow, it has been decades. Last time I saw you, you showed me your beautiful tatoo..but I can’t even remember where or when (at Christabel’s?). I would love to catch up, over the holidays, but I’m flying out to Ireland on the 21st. Are you back before then? Maybe I’ll be back in Berlin one of these days.. Definitely keep in touch. Thank you so much for kind words.. do you do any writing? What have you been up to, since kindergarten? 🙂

  4. Juliana Krstevska

    Heyy Lara,
    I was a little disappointed that you didn’t perform last night. Your poetry is strikingly beautiful and inspirational. Just want to encourage you to keep writing! I’ll be sure to make it out to your next show in Toronto.

    • Hi Julie,
      Thanks for that, very kind words to end the evening. I was planning on performing, but there were a lot of people waiting to get on the bill. Next month, for certain. I will be performing at the Art Bar in March, and have a book launch coming up (date tba)… very exciting. I will definitely let you know when that happens, it should be a great night.

      Thanks again, it was great to see you out.
      I’d love to hear some of your new work!


  5. Hi Lara:

    As I said last night at the slam, I wanted to once again congratulate you on your work, from the first time I heard your words they moved me (surprisingly enough one of your poems was exactly the opposite to my “life” yet it shook me strongly). Now after reading more about your bio and your endeavoring in the “poetry project for youth” I am even more awed . I will try and make it on May 20th for the launching of your book. Some lines are drawn in our skins some are more like tint that sips thru our pores, burns and leaves scars, we are all cartographers and cartographers like my mother have painfully taught me that… “lines that burn”!!…

    All the very best,

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