Jean Ann Verlee & Kevin Fortnum

Feet just now back on ground after an incredible night at the Toronto Poetry Slam Finals featuring the astonishing Jean Ann Verlee . It has been a long while since any one performer’s poetry affected me like this. Check her out. Read her poems. Buy her book, entitled Racing Hummingbirds, if only for the spectacular cover art. There is nothing about this transaction that will leave you less rich. She is worth the drive/train/bus/flight to New York City. Seriously. Truly. Magic. As if that weren’t enough, the rest of the show was equally spectacular.. CR Avery graced the stage with a two-shot of songs and poetry to open the show, and the BAM Youth Slam put on a showcase that let us see what we would be facing a few years down the road… Amazing stuff, and incredible to think they are getting up alongside veterans to perform at Hugh’s Room (an incredibly storied venue on the West end of Toronto).  I was very happy to contribute to the show, performing as sacrificial after dropping out of finals (to concentrate on launching my new collection). It was a hard decision, but I was grateful that I made it, once I heard Valentino Assenza pour his heart into the microphone with an amazing new poem. Incredible work all around.. I was happy to be there, and proud to be a part of such an amazing scene (including the capacity crowd).

I’ll be heading into the studio in the next few days at Ryerson University, taking part in an amazing program called Well Versed, hosted by Brian Cauly. Expect to hear a compilation piece that takes several of my poems and works them into a 30 minute piece of ‘poetic listening’.. It should be a great experiment and I love the collaborative aspect of working with other artists.. Details to come on where and when it will be launched…

On the collaborative note, keep an eye out for Kevin Fortnum‘s new CD Sea Docks Doxies, which is currently featured on Sound Click. Kevin and I co-wrote Morning Skin, and perform on two tracks together.. The cd is filled with great artists such as Electric John, Relevant (of the newly formed 2010 TPS Team), and Valentino Assenza.. alongside some incredible singers and musicians. Worth a must-go-see…

Take care, thanks for listening.



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