The Cartographer’s Skin

It has been a whirlwind past couple of weeks, between school, readings, youth poetry festivals, wonderful dinners and time outside with friends (and my pup), and I’m glad for the chance to settle into stillness for at least part of the long weekend. Thanks to the Art Bar for a great feature with Tom Wayman and David Day. Very happy to report that I had an absolutely wonderful time at the Queen’s University Grad Club show; the crowd was fantastic, and host Jill Battson was a great steward. Special thanks to Professor and author Carolyn Smart for organizing a great show. If you are ever in the area, be sure to check out this particular venue (corner of Earl and University), for slams or anythings else… coming up in the next few weeks are shows by Jason Collett and Dan Mangan. Worth a go see..

I’ve decided to drop out of the Toronto Poetry Slam Team finals coming up this April 24 (featuring the amazing Jeananne Verlee from NYC), in lieu of promoting my new book this summer. On that note, I continue to book shows for the spring and summer months, please keep an eye on the Upcoming Shows page for details. Summer shows in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal (with Toronto ex-pat Kate Leadbeater!) and all over Ontario are in the works, and some possible East Coast dates as well, all to support the launch of my first full length collection The Cartographer’s Skin (Piquant Press, May 20). Please let me know if you have a great idea or venue for a show; I’d love to come visit! In the immediate future I’ll be hitting Montreal next weekend to visit some wonderful friends, and then zooming back into town for a feature on Sunday April 11 at The Grouch Fundraiser for Jeff Cottrill’s Fring Festival show, alongside  Andrea Thompson, Hi Heels Lo Fi and some other wonderful artists… There will be a raffle of donated prizes — including a spot in an audition skills workshop, dance classes, a photo shoot, and free career coaching! Black Swan Tavern, 7pm.

Went to a great send off  the other night at Rochdale Rhymes and Readings, the last edition of Mike Lipsius’s storied reading series. Having featured there a few times over the years, and many times on the open mic just to catch a glimpse of some of the great talent passing through, I can say it was well worth the steam room like ambiance of the Reagal Beagle’s back room. 🙂 The show went out in style, with amazing readings from Valentino Assenza, Rocco De Giacomo and Blair Trewartha. It was a great night, and a packed house; well deserved for Mike, who has put in a lot of work over the years.. The night continued after the show, outside on the patio, with old friends and great artists showing up from every corner of the sidewalk. A late, great night for everyone.

Remember that it is National Poetry Month, so there are happy, working poets in every library, coffee shop and bar in the city. Toronto is packed with poets, and there is something for everyone! Don’t miss the talent. A lot of shows listed here, many more on Toronto Poetry Slam’s listings page. Keep an eye out for The Fugitives on April 6.

That’s it for now, enjoy outside.

Thanks for listening.



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