Very happy to have made it into TPS Team FINALS on Saturday April 24 (Hugh’s Room, 2261 Dundas Street West)!! Come out to see TPS’s top eight poets battle it out for a spot on the Toronto Poetry Slam Team.. It was an amazing showdown on Sunday, featuring the one and only Buddy Wakefield. Buddy did a set that included deep breathing, mind altering revelations and ukelale. Everything a Sunday night needs. The crowd was amazing, and the Drake was packed to capacity by 7:15pm! I performed Alarm Clocks, and a brand new poem from my upcoming book called On The Way Home. It was a risk to read off paper, but I was really happy to have finished the poem and sometimes you just have to read what feels important to you in the moment. Some other highlights from the evening were Valentino Assenza, Krystle Mullin and Pan reading about mothers, opera and technology (but funnier than I can summarize it here). All poets worth checking out on youtube…

Poets advancing to the finals include: Relevant, Macer, Kiki, myself, Tomy, Truth Is.., Fraser, and David Delisca. All amazing poets, it will be an amazing show. $15 advance, $20 at the door. Make sure to buy early, we sold out a few weeks before Finals last year…! See you there.


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