The Cartographer’s Skin

Cover of my upcoming collection of poetry, out on May 20, 2010! This one has been a long time in the works, and I am so proud and happy to be able to share it soon. Special Thanks to Sue Reynolds of Piquant Press for helping me turn (literal) covers dreams into reality! She is an incredible artist, if anyone out there is looking for a way to articulate a piece of their heart.

Speaking of, this book really represents what is close to my heart, and contains poems on everything from maps to loss to polar bears. Yes, polar bears. Please check it out if you can, and spread the word if possible (so many ways to support independent artists!!!)

“There are places where the earth peels back, like shell or skin casing, to reveal bone of beneath…”
~ The Cartograpaher’s Skin

The book is just in it’s final stages now, and will be ready to drop in Spring 2010. If you are in or around Toronto on May 20, make sure to drop in on The Black Swan Tavern for a huge poetry bash featuring special performances from all over. Thanks to James Dewar (also of Piquant Press) for offering up his Hot Sauced Words show for the event. The last launch he gave was for Kate Marshall Flaherty’s amazing book Where We Are Going, and I had the time of my life…

If you can’t make it out (and keep an eye on my Upcoming Shows page, because there will be a lot of dates posted on there in the coming weeks), the book will be available through this website as well, and at any of my feature readings. I’ll be in British Columbia in the fourth week of July, so any west coast ami’s can check it out when I come to town..

Thanks for listening,


2 responses to “The Cartographer’s Skin

  1. Hi lara, Best of luck today! just happened to look you up the net. hope your well. Looking forward to seeing the book.

    All the Best, chat you soon.


    • Hey Cous,

      Thanks for that, very sweet. Can’t wait to see you again in October, make sure you don’t go galavanting until after I come!! XXOO Lara

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