On Friday night, old school prevailed as the Drake (stuffed to capacity by 7:45 pm) saw over thirty poets draw to get into the last slam bout of the regular season. Eleven poets (myself included) advanced, in order to make our ‘2 slams a season’ requirement for the semi-finals (coming up in March, more on that later..), alongside 4 wild card poets. The room was packed and the energy was high, as all poets needed strong scores in order to maintain a strong position. Many of the poets on stage were veterans of the Toronto Slam scene: Electric John, Macer, Krystle Mullin and Truth Is… just to name a few. It was a huge bout; a great way to spend Friday night, if there ever was one. Both rounds were amazing to be a part of, and I haven’t felt that much love at a slam since ‘back in the day‘. Which reminds, Shauntay Grant, the feature; AMAZING. Check her out. Incredible talent, Halifax styles. In the end, I walked away with my first official TPS win. Funny to think that I’ve never actually won a TPS slam after all these years (and competitions). Guess I was just busy making friends. 🙂 Speaking of, we all retired to Shanghai Cowgirl to spend the winnings on TPS founder Dave Silverberg‘s birthday. Happy Birthday, Dave. You have done so much for Toronto’s poetry scene. We love you, Big Deal.

Thanks to everyone who came out and made it an amazing night. If you missed it, make sure to show for next months Semi-Final (at the Drake Underground, 7:00 pm) destined to be a huge blow out with rock star feature Buddy Wakefield at the helm.

Thanks for listening,




  1. Congrats lara!!!
    Wish I could have been there to see the win!!

    so great

  2. SO fun. Try to come out to the Semi’s on March 14th! Thanks!!!

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