Eden Mills Writers Festival

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Eden Mills Writers Festival, please do so as soon as possible. This amazing event is organized and run out of one of the most beautiful towns in Ontario (population 300). The festival is filled with amazing writers and thinkers (the TPS team was lucky enough to hitch a ride down with John Ralston Saul), and all of the events took place outside, under the brilliant sunlight, and, more often than not, beside a river of some sort. Honest. This place was beautiful. The Toronto Poetry Slam Team was fortunate enough to be invited down for the festivities, and we sqaured off against hometown-proud Guelph for Eden Mills first poetry slam event. The stage and the audience were separated by a small river, and we had to cross a bridge in order to get to the microphone and face the crowd, who were sitting on an elevated field, beside a castle-like building. At 4:30, we just managed to get the lighter shades of day, and watched the sun set as we finished out the experience. Amazing, amazing stuff. Guelph put on a fantastic show, and have some very strong poetry to showcase (check them out if you ever have the chance). Toronto was equally potent and excelled in all rounds, winning the competition (and some needed prize money, which will be put towards our airfare to Canadian Nationals..:). We also sold out our new team cd, but will be bringing out a new batch for October 11, where we will feature at Word Jam. Overall, it was a great day; we were happy to perform as a team, and share the day with an awesome group of people. Special thanks to the completely generous Eden Mills Crew for the VIP treatment and feast at the end of the day. Butter chicken never tasted so good.

Okay, off to bed for now. Thanks for listening.



2 responses to “Eden Mills Writers Festival

  1. Hi Lara. I’m the one who came to hug you after the poetry slam at the Eden Mills Writer’s Festival and told you that you had inspired me to bring my voice out. I have dozens of journals filled with poetry and other writing but I have never attempted to publish a thing, and have only publically read maybe once or twice from my personal writing. I have a lot to say but have been so afraid that the world would not be able to hear it,and that I would alienate myself from others with the intensity of my experiences and articulations of them. But maybe some in the world would be ready to hear.

    Your poetry gave me chills and tears and some part of me felt not-alone for the first time EVER – like maybe I am not THE MOST intense person on the planet but that maybe I haven’t yet found my people, my place, and my voice.

    I have vowed to dedicate one day a month to my writing and to start attending the Guelph Spoken Word event when I can.

    Thank you for your courage and for using your gifts and backing yourself with such passion. I want to read more of your work but most of all I want to join you in speaking loudly and clearly about things of substance and meaning and inner reality for all the world to hear.

    the very best,

    • Vera!

      Apologies for the late response; it has been crazy around here, tryng to get ready for the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (in Victoria) this weekend. Thank you so much for your kind words, it is such a wonderful feeling to get out and meet kindred spirits. I hope to hear more of your words (and pages) on a stage somewhere soon. Remeber that there are many, many open mics around Toronto, if you ever get the inclination…

      I wish you the best.

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