Summer Wrap

Amazing to be back home and grounded in my own place, after such a whirlwind of a summer; highlights included celebrating our Nat’s bout win in a fountain with Team Vancouver, everything to do with poets and Palm Beach, learning how to spin fire at a huge outdoor jam session in Owen Sound, Ghostbusting until wee hours of the morning in Massachussetts, and hiking wind wind windswept Georgian Bay, solidifying incredible friendships. Thank you to everyone who came out to shows, supported the 4Women Team, and/or just took the time to introduce themselves and share some poetry. One of the greatest parts of this whirling dervish was being exposed to so many new artists, as well as the influences they carry in their work. I’m trying to compile a list of names (to be included in my links page) just so people can take a gander at what’s out there. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any life-changing artistic influences that you want to shout about. For now, I am gearing up for school and putting the final mileage on my next collection, The Cartographers Skin, to be released in February 2010.  Please keep an eye out for it. Thanks for continued listening… LB


2 responses to “Summer Wrap

  1. Read a poem of yours on the open mic at our first meeting of Slam Collective this semester and handed out your name on many tiny slips of paper to all inquirers – I’m sure they’ll soon Google you or some such internet investigating will lead them here. I hope your tour went well; I had such a wonderful time meeting you and seeing you read in Providence and Boston, and I share your books with anyone who has a few minutes to listen to me read aloud.

    Be well, hugs and good wishes from New England.

    • Emily! Thanks so much, and likewise. It is always an amazing (and unnerving, but in a good way) feeling to realize one’s poems have a life of their own, once spoken; so good to know they have been passed into careful hands. Please feel free to send on any of yours, at any time. When I make my way back south (in the new year), I’ll make sure to give you a shout. xo Lara Ps. I read your blog and loved it.

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