Providence & Cantab

Hey All,

Thank You to everyone who has come out over the last few days, I had amazing receptions in both Providence and Cambridge this week. Super warm crowds, and great writers in all corners. I have been getting earfuls of fantastic poetry at every venue, surely the best part about being on tour. Was also nice to catch up with some new (and old) friends from Nationals, and hear them read. The funny thing about Nationals is that you’re knee deep in some of the best poetry around, but you’re always running around and often don’t get to hear a lot of it. Hope to see more of them now that I am venturing stateside. Am now sitting in a third floor walk up looking out over a garden and making plans for the tree house I am going to build with David Perez and Mike McGee later this day. Seriously. If you come by in the next two days, you can sit in it.

Off to write a few new poems for Mike McGee’s KITCHEN SESSIONS, which I will be featuring at with David P. this Saturday night. Rules are, you need two absolutely new pieces, in order to show. So, it’s chai tea and pencils for the rest of my morning.. Lucky me.



ps. Check out Dave Perez & The Pin Cushion Orchestra, if you can. Make the time, he’s amazing!


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