Thank You

Thanks to all who came out for the many shows we had up and running this weekend. Harbourfront was a blast, and the crowd was incredible (as was the line up). Congrats to team mate Truth for taking the title spot.. Pedestrian Sunday was the most impressive of all, what with thunderstorms threatening the loyalty of Kensington poetry lovers. We lost a few people to coffee shops, but as the sun broke ended up with an entirely new crew of onlookers for support. It turned out to be an awesome show, thanks to Ariel Platt for sharing the stage with me and Tanya Neumeyer for her wonderful abilities as host. Lastly, the 4Women Team fundraiser proved to be a huge success (and relief!) for us; a lot of planning went into that event, and it was amazing to see so many friendly faces out and about. The silent auction was spearheaded by superwoman Krystle Mullin, whose ‘magic bag’ actually garnered more funds than almost any other item. Thanks to all, for all of the love and help. Things will be a bit quiet on this front in the next while, as I am heading off to American Nationals come Monday, followed up by a short tour. Somewhere in between here and there I also plan to finish a book of poetry, so please keep an eye out for it come winter. Thanks, as always, for listening. LB


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