Hey there,

It has been an incredibly busy few months around here, and I am thrilled to feel spring on my skin. The weeks have been full of slam poetry and compositions, and I am looking forward to a few new projects over the summer months….

Very excited to be featuring as part of the Luminato Festival’s New Songs, New Words, New Moves Series where a word artist, music artist and movement artist will collaborate to present one original work for the first time (July 6th-16th)…I’ll be performing at the Harbourfront’s Canadian Voices Festival on July 24th & 25th (dates and times tba)….Four Women, the TPS Slam team of which I am a part, will be featuring at the Eden Mills Festival on September 20th.  More team gigs in the works, specifically a few theatre shows over the next two months, and several writing and performance workshops. Please check out our facebook page if you would like to be in the loop… All details will be posted here, on the fb page, and on the TPS website…

I do plan to take a bit of time in mid August to tour through some of the midwestern states, and I’ll be finishing my summer with a feature at Words Aloud up in Durham. That part of the world has been very good to me, and I am thrilled to get back up there and share some poetry…

I hope your summer plans are shaping up, and the sun follows you around.

Thanks for listening,



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