The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis

It is nearly always like this, a man torments himself, frets, thinks the worst, believes that the world is about to demand a full explanation, when in fact, the world has moved on, thinking about other things.                                                                                  ~ Jose Saramago                                                                 


2 responses to “The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis

  1. I was fretting that the world was going to need an explanation but i hope it has moved on so I can keep going forward. Hey Boz, I figured I should google you and see what you are up to. Pretty awesome writing. Hope all is well my old friend.


    p.s. i am making a movie called “the unbearable lightness of skiing”, problem is I haven’t read kundera in years and I hope I do his book a bit of justice with my backcountry flick.

  2. greg!

    it’s great to hear from you, and thanks for kind words about writing; everything is building (slowly) out here, and learning curves are keeping me content. i have actually been watching your movies since Jamie came through a few months ago and told me they were online (beautiful lines, hilarious). it looks like you have an amazing world going on out there.. so good to see (inspiring, even).

    i will keep an eye out for your next blockbuster…


    ps. i can lend you the kundera, or you can just have the narrator stare off into space every five minutes and talk about existential things…

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