Last Call Poets

Be sure to check out Last Call Poets (Amanda Hiebert, Big Brown Bastard, Valentino Assenza, Kevin Fordnam, Krystal Mullin & David Silverberg) at Renaissance Cafe later this evening (9pm start). The show is free and has an open mic so you can spread your verbiage verbosity. Verily.


3 responses to “Last Call Poets

  1. Hey, thanks for that. I heard about this last week but hadn’t checked it out yet. I’m going to post it at school and see if I can get anyone interested in participating. Have you done this?

  2. Nope, but I have a kid at work whose done it two years in a row and has won both years. She loves it and has been talking about it a lot lately in the break room with anybody who will listen! All that goes with it though she says, is worth it and for a writer, nothing can compare to that feeling when you have the certificate. I know she’s going to try to introduce it to one of her writing classes sometime this week.

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